Friday, September 18, 2015

Flower with stem

One of the pieces I used in the scarf is this flower with a stem.

Wrap yarn around finger 6 times.

Bring a loop up through the center of the yarn circle 

Make 25 sc in the circle and join to first sc

Chain 1 sc then chain 4

Yarn over two times and start to work a triple crochet in the next stitch. Pull through twice, but do not pull through the third time - leaving 2 loops on the hook

yarn over twice and do this again two more times until you have 3 unfinished stitches and 4 loops on the hook

Chain 4 and then sc in next stitch creating the first petal.

Chain 4 and start all over again until you have 3 petals

slip stitch the next 5 stitches

Chain 8 then turn and sc in the first chain from hook and all the way back to the flower

Slip stitch all the way around the flower.  the parts on the petals kind of pull away when you start but they tighten back up as you finish each petal.

The slip stitches help give the flower a nice solid edge which comes in handy when sewing the whole thing together.

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