Saturday, February 15, 2014

Running & Knitting at the same time is for other people.

There is a woman who holds the record for running a marathon while knitting.  I'm not sure how she did it.  I've had a cold for a week and I can't cough and knit without injuring myself.  I think trying to run while knitting would prove fatal!

It's been a struggle to keep up with the motif of the day.  I'm often not getting them done until the last minute right before bed.  Still doing it though.  Small accomplishments mean a lot some day.

The weather is turning nicer and I am starting to get over the cold, so hopefully next week will be more productive.  Hopefully  my feeling better will coincide with the weather since the sniffly balloon lady is never very popular.  

Even though I have not been able to work or even play with balloons or yarn, I have managed to waste vast amounts of time.  I am currently addicted to online jigsaw puzzles.  I make them out of my pictures and then try to beat my time.  You can find links to them at

I also managed to get several patterns uploaded to our balloon pattern site.  Those are pretty easy.  We wrote and photographed them years ago.  I just have to cut and paste.  Wish my fiber patterns were that easy.

But for now.....

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