Wednesday, February 5, 2014

notice the cars - they've been cleaned off because 3 of my neighbors have tried to drive in it, either last night or today.  Based on the street, none of them got very far before they gave up.  One directly across the street only made it as far as his yard.  

The ramp is my stairs

It's really hard to tell how much we got since I didn't measure and there is drifting.  My flower pots are covered and the snow is up to the bottom of the basement window well, but the bird bath seems to be the best  estimation with about 6-7 inches on it.  According to the weather people we got between 7-8 inches.  Not as bad as many parts of the country, but not fun for a city OUT OF ICE MELT.  I've been ranting on that for days.  They can remove the snow, but the ice under it is going to be a problem.  I'm taking their bad planning personally.  Kid is out of school - Hubbie can't get to work.  There is no "Stacey time" to be had.  I value my quiet time.  Just me and the dogs - and they don't ask for much.  Feed them, let them outside, pet them once in awhile and they're good.  The humans that live here are a tad more demanding.  They don't take well to being pet on the head or the suggestion that they go outside and play either.  LOL

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