Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cabled Wrap

This wrap is knit in bulky yarn on large needles, so it works up fast.  The cable pattern only has a repeat of 8 rows so it’s easy to remember.  


4 skeins Wool-Ease Thick & Quick   (you can usually save $$ by buying it one skein at a time using the normal 40% off coupon that stores have.  I wasn’t too worried about dye lots, though I did have my husband go through line too so we bought it all at the same time. )  Add an extra skein if you want a size large/x-large wrap

Size 13 needles
cable needle  ( I use a bamboo double pointed needle in the same size)
k = knit
p = purl
c5f = cable 5 front (To make the cable,  5 stitches onto your cable needle, hold the needle in front of your work, knit 5 stitches, then knit the two stitches off the cable needle.)

Cast on 58

R 1)
k, p, k10, p4, k, p2, k, p4, k10, p4, k, p2, k, p4, k10, p, k

p, k, p10, k4, p, k2, p, k4, p10, k4, p, k2, p, k4, p10, k, p

R3) - repeat row 1

R4) - Repeat row 2

R5) k, p, c5f, p4, k, p2, k, p4, c5f, p4, k, p2, k, p4, c5f, p, k

From here on repeat rows 1-4, for 7 rows (start on row 2) and the 8th row is a repeat of row 5 (Row 8 should be another repeat of row 1, but instead it's a cable row which is why you start the repeats on row 2 instead of 1) You have 7 rows between each cable row.

work until piece is  60 inches long (for medium, add a few for large and subtract a few for small) and bind off

Then sew the wrap bringing one corner (B) to the corner diagonal from it and sew the other corner as shown in the diagram.


Use a large crochet hook to finish the edge between B&C


  1. Hi, your pattern confuses me. C5F typically means slipping 2 stitches to the cable needle, knitting 3 from the left needle, then knitting the 2 off the cable needle. But your pattern looks like its C10F. Which is correct? Also I don't understand "repeat rows 2 -4, for 7 rows". Do you mean to add 7 rows between the row with the cable?


    1. Sorry for the confusion. I didn't even think about the fact that I learned non-traditional terms when I first started. I try to remember to change things, but this time it just slipped my mind. I did make the changes. And I corrected the typo. You're right, it's 7 rows between the cable row.

      Thanks so much for catching these for me!