Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Resolutions Progress

Today a lot of people are starting their New Year's Resolutions and I wish them all success.  Sometimes what seems like a good idea is pretty hard to keep up with, but the challenge makes success all the sweeter.

I started my own resolutions on the 21st because that is MY new year.  This is year 47 which just blows my mind.  I've been on this planet almost half a decade.  My earliest memory that is clear is the moon landing.  I was only 2 1/2 but I guess it stuck in my mind because it was such a big deal and everyone talked about it.  Interesting but totally unrelated.  Someone who later became one of my best friends lived in the same city and has that as one of their first memories too.  We didn't meet for 11 more years and then it was on a different continent (Army brat) but it wasn't until after 30 years of friendship that she and I discovered we had been almost neighbors all those years ago.  Like I said, unrelated, but interesting.  To me at least.

The title of this post is Resolutions Progress, an odd title if I don't follow through with some updates.

So far I'm not doing too badly.  Except with miles.  I am a TOTAL wimp when it comes to cold weather running.  I can fall back on the excuse of cold induced asthma, but that doesn't actually stop me from walking.  My wimpiness does.  I've been getting better with the bike and elliptical because they are right there and it's warm.  I'm going to move the treadmill upstairs the next time my son visits (too heavy for hubbie by himself) and thus will end that excuse.  Treadmill is a killer because it's manual and must be on an incline.  I can go 8%, 10% or 12%.  I'll get quite a workout, especially on days I add extra miles to make up for the ones I've missed so far.

Other things aren't so hard, I'm up to 6 hats for donation and plan to do another one today.  The motif a day is going well and has inspired several projects.  Using happy words is getting easier.  It's just a habit that takes awhile to form and I'm to broke to be eating out, so that one's going well too.  :-)

Happy and hopeful wishes for everyone and their resolutions.  :-)

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