Friday, January 31, 2014

The last episode of Bones

I usually enjoy Bones, but last night's episode has me a little upset.

Not the main plot.  That was pretty basic.  Dead body, Bones knows more than everyone else, case is solved with help from the lesser beings.

My problem was with the subplot of the Cam being honored as an Outstanding Woman of Science.  Not that her character doesn't deserve it and it played correctly that Bones was not pleased when someone else was chosen.  I can almost buy Cam saying she would accept if the other two women were honored as well - though as a strong successful woman there would be no reason she should.  I don't think they would have had a male character share the glory.

The magazine agreed and even added 9 others - making 12 women. They sent bikinis with pictures on them for the women to wear.  Really?  This is the message that the show is choosing to send???  Women may be smart, strong and successful, but the best way to honor them to display them half naked as sex objects, not scientists.  Nothing says "I'm brilliant" like having a man's face plastered across one's boobs.  I was disgusted and horrified.

The women's happy acceptance of it seemed out of place for all 3 characters.  I have to say it's also going to affect me watching the show in the future.

I will one more time - to note the advertisers.

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