Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I want a bike desk

I would love this as a poster.  It's cute motivation - though I'm way to wimpy to run in the cold.  My outdoors running is on hold until the temp is at least 45.

I want a desk for my stationary bike.  I have seen treadmill desks, but they won't work with my treadmill.  It's non motorized.  That means I have to be on an incline in order for it to work.  8%,  10% or 12%.  I can't work at my computer while walking up a hill.  I'm just not that coordinated.  I decided to put one on my bike.  Couldn't find one to purchase, so I'm forced into making one.  It's important to note that I am not tool compatible.  Neither is my husband.  We are a handyman's dream come true - because if we "fix" it, we will soon have to pay someone to come in and actually fix it.  No matter what "it" is.

Still, this one doesn't seem too hard.

It's on Instructables and while my bike isn't recumbent, I think I can come up with something along these lines that will work for me.  I will post any non-embarassing results later.  :-)

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