Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Heart Bib - knit

Easy Baby Bib in Garter Stitch

kfb= knit front & back (bar increase)
k2tog=knit 2 together decrease


Cotton yarn in two colors - medium weight, like Handicrafter.  The kind you would use for a dishcloth
Size 9 needles & size 9 double pointed or circular needles for edging
stitch holder

c/o 1  or just knit in a slip knot - whatever it takes to get ONE stitch on the needle
1) kfb /2stitches/
2 (and all even rows) k
3) kfb, kfb /4stitches/
5)k, kfb,kfb, k /6 stitches/
7)k, kfb,k,k, kfb, k /8 stitches/
9)k, kfb, k,k, k, k, kfb, k   /10stitches/
11) k, kfb, k, k, k, k, k, k, kfb,k /12 stitches/
13 )k, kfb, k, k, k, k, k, k, k, k, kfb, k /14stitches/
15) k, kfb, k, k, k, k, k, k, k, k, k, k, kfb, k  /16stitches/

keep going in the pattern until there are 28 stitches on the needle 
Pattern - knit, kfb, k across to last two stitches, kfb, k

I put a marker on one side to remind me to only knit and not increase since I can get a bit ahead of myself at times.  If the marker is to my right, I knit only, if it's left then it's time to increase.

After the increases are done and there are 28 stitches

k 8 rows

Start lobe 1
1)k 13, place remaining stitches on holder
2) k
3) k
7)k2 tog, k across to last two, k2tog
repeat rows 6&7 until there are 7 stitches left
bind off.  I like to b/o purlwise so that it fits well with the garter stitch

Lobe 2
Place stitches back on needle.  You'll continue working from middle of the heart.
bind off first two stitches on needle
repeat lobe 1


with circular needles or double point pick up stitches around the heart.  I picked up one every row except for the bottom point where I went front to back and then back to front and front to back to pick up 3.  I wanted to keep some curve in the bib, so it would bow outwards and fit around baby's body, but if you want it flatter then pick up a couple of extra stitches along the top corners.

Work seed or moss stitch for 3 rows.  k1,p1 across and then reverse it for the next row
bind off

Tie Straps

Pick up 3 stitches on the top of one lobe.
Knit 8 inches in stockinette stitch (knit front, purl back)
I used stockinette's natural tendency to curl for making the ties.  An I-cord would work just as well, but this seemed easier.  After 8 inches, fasten off.  I didn't bind off, just took yarn through all 3 stitches and pulled them tight before securing.

repeat for other side.

weave in the ends and you have a cute bib for your little Valentine.  I didn't decorate this one, but I think little words like "Be Mine" would be cute - or some flowers.

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  1. I've been searching for this kind of heart bib and I'm very glad that I have already found this one. I want you to know that I really love the design of this bib, it is so cute. Thank you for sharing this one, it will help me a lot in making my own baby bib.