Saturday, April 13, 2013

Color Me Rad KC - So Much Fun

Cool race shirt - not the one I wore for the actual race, but the shirt that comes with the packet.  It's something i will wear other places.  I love race shirts that I WANT to wear out in public.

We wore plain white shirts for the race.  I got a men's shirt because they are cheaper, but at my height it was almost a dress!

At least they started out as plain white.  as you can tell, it wasn't that way by the end.  I was halfway convinced that my scalp would be pink for a week.  It did wash out pretty well though.

The race itself was one big party and so much fun.  It's not a serious race and untimed but I would love to do a timed one on this course.  Very good.  My girls timed themselves and set PRs.  Not official ones of course but PRs just the same.

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