Sunday, February 24, 2013

Scary Motivation

My upcoming race schedule for the year in count down form.  A few more will be added if I get to do them this year..  Big Sur half hasn't been registered for yet, but I'm 100% going to do that one again.  Love that race - so I included it.  Same with a couple of others, I 100% plan to do them so I've included them in my countdown. Will register for them as soon as they open registration.  Maybe for extra motivation I should put $$ signs next to them to indicate how much money I have already invested.  Better train and not let it go to waste!!

The ones that both say 248 are the same day.  2 5ks  One in the  morning and one at night. Both are Halloween themed and it will be the first (and maybe last) time I do two races in the same day.

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