Monday, November 12, 2012

Running the Hamster Wheel

Yesterday it got cold.  I might have been able to brave the cold if it wasn't also wet.  But I am determined to get my miles in every day - and to stay on plan.  But I hate the cold sooooooo much.

What to do?  What to do?

My livingroom and kitchen are set up in kind of a donut shape.  There is a wall dividing them and openings on either side.  I just went in very small circles to get my workout in.  I set up a stop watch on my computer.  I took the time I've been doing a mile in and added a minute to it because I know I will be walking slower in the house.  Then I did the that time until I had reached my number of miles.

Did that again today for the same reasons.

Not exact and not a lot of fun, but the only treadmill I have is a manual one.  That means I have to have it on an incline of 8%, 10% or 12%.  I just was not in the mood for hill work today.  maybe tomorrow.

While small circles can be mind numbing - I  did have the tv on so I was somewhat entertained.  And the feeling from getting it done was pretty good.  :-)

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