Thursday, May 24, 2012


I have gout.  I didn't see this coming.  I don't eat most of the gout triggering foods, usually drink plenty of fluids, don't drink alcohol more than once a year, exercise and I'm a woman.  I shouldn't have gout.  But a perfect storm of events transpired and now I am having a gout attack in my right ankle.

Feeling a bit better day but at it's height

worst pain ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Google it, you'll see that I am not making this up.  Gout worst pain ever even came up as a suggested search

I've had broken bones, been in labor for 24 hours, had 4 c-sections and stepped on a piece of glass that went through my foot.  I would do any of them again if it made the gout pain go away.  I don't have insurance so I have to wait until the weekend to get into my clinic (low cost clinic run by a wonderful doctor)  So a couple of more days to wait.

I have not been able to knit or crochet.  I've barely been able to focus on tv.  Mostly I spent yesterday trying to find a position that made the pain less.  Took 4 ibuprofen.  didn't have any effect.  Today is better.  Tomorrow will hopefully be even better, and on and on until it is over.  I will do whatever I can to avoid another attack.  Gout affects only a small percentage of the general population.  This is one time I do not want to be special anymore!

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