Monday, April 23, 2012


I wanted to like the show "Touch", I really did.  Parts of it were very interesting but there is one part I just can't get past.  Something that renders the entire show totally unwatchable for me.

Why is the State trying to take the kid when 99% of the time that he gets loose and climbs towers, buildings, etc., some state run entity is supposed to be watching him? School loses him and social worker shows up to investigate the dad.  Lock down school loses him and state sets up a hearing to determine custody.  Seems like dad should be suing the people/places in charge of his son instead of fighting to try and keep custody.  At one point the matter of income was brought up.  Are the suggesting that it's ok for the government to take kids from poor parents?  I mean we live in a society where actual unfit parents get their kids back all the time.  To show a pretty good dad being forced with losing custody puts the show past the point where I can suspend reality and just enjoy.

I understand that they wanted to create some tension and drama, but there are other ways to do that.  I watched 2 episodes and won't make it number 3.

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