Monday, April 2, 2012


I covet bedspreads crocheted out of thread.  That's silly since I know how to both crochet and buy thread.  So I have started three.  The one for myself I don't have a photo of.  It's made of a medium blue bamboo thread.  The two I have here will be fore sale.  The ecru pineapple square one will be queen sized.  one block down, 131 left to go.  The other will be twin sized.  The colors are much darker than in this picture.  I am buying better lighting today.  It's actually a deep teal and dark rose.  Two blocks down, several hundred to go.  I know they will take awhile, but I am working on them in between other projects.  Today's big project is photography.  I have spent most of the morning on that and all I have discovered is that I need better lighting.

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