Sunday, February 5, 2012

More fun with sourdough

Ever since I found out that some studies say gluten intolerant people can handle sourdough, I've been on a kick.  Must stress that I am only intolerant.  I do NOT have Celiac disease.  Don't think it works for people who do, but for me it does seem to be true.  So far no reactions.  Usually breads will give me gas and other issues, followed by mood swings and depression - plus I get sick a lot more often.  Too soon for many of those side effects to show up but the gas would be here and it's not.  No tummy aches.  No rushing to the bathroom.  I'm doing well and LOVING IT.

Today I made sourdough pancakes following this recipe.  ADDICTIVE.  Made a huge batch and shared them with my two oldest kids.  Kind of wish I had those pancakes back now!  LOL  We snacked on the ones we had here all day long.  Thinner than traditional pancakes, they were light and yummy.  I'm going to make some and roll stuff up in them, like bacon and eggs or blackberries and cream cheese.

I also made cheez-it style crackers from sourdough.  Did not roll it thin enough but I liked the results anyway.  The thicker pieces were perfect for dipping in my humus.  The thinner ones were like crackers.  I'm going to make some plain ones (thinly rolled) for dips this week.

And in even better news - my oldest has said she will run the Disneyland Half with me in September.  I've had it on my list for awhile but hadn't gotten around to registering.  Will do that this week.  I'm so excited.  It was even her idea.  Usually when I bring up things like half marathons, I get the "you're crazy and we can't be related" look from her.  I'm really looking forward to this!!

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